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Hi! By introduction, I am Lucy Smoltz, the newest president of Aces for Alzheimer's. For those who have attended previous Aces events, you may recognize me as I have been a part of the incredible team who have worked hard to create our prior events.  And now it is an absolute honor to take the reins from Sam and Jackson. Since COVID is a much smaller factor than it was the past few years, I am so excited to take our event back to its roots of a social, hands-on event. We are absolutely delighted to have you all for our in-person Bowling Night! Even with the change in event type, our main mission will always be to raise money in the name of Alzheimer's research, awareness, and preventative lifestyles. In addition to hosting our Bowling Night, we will also be raising awareness in our school setting to help spread the knowledge of this serious disease in hopes of change. 


We're Jackson Owen and Sam Smoltz. We are sophomores at Mamaroneck High School in Mamaroneck, New York.  Our families, like so many families, have been deeply affected by Alzheimers.  This horrible disease has taken family members and friends close to us. Aces for Alzheimer's was founded by our sisters, Jane and Abigail in 2015.  Now they are off to college we are thrilled to take over this important work and make it our own!  We have ambitious fundraising goals and community outreach projects planned for this year.  We are striving to hit our goal of raising $70,000 for our cause in 2020!

Meet The Team's Over the Years

About us

Hi!  By way of introduction we are Sam Smoltz and Jackson Owen, those who have attended prior Aces events probably recognize us as part of the hardworking staff of volunteers helping set the stage putting the “fun” in fundraising and now it is our honor to take the reins from Jane and Abby and build on the incredible foundation for raising donations and awareness for Alzheimer’s they have built over the past 5 years, with a particular focus on prevention.  While we also enjoy tennis, our true passion is games – trivia, cards, boardgames, computer games, you name it we want to play! So in the spirit of combining our personal passion with how we advance research and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease families we are changing the focus of our fundraising events from the tennis court to gaming tables, but the mission remains the same, namely raising money for Alzheimer’s research and increasing awareness of the disease and the potential for preventative lifestyle decisions that are best made sooner than later. In addition to hosting Aces gaming events, we will also be working with our local schools and community resources to get the word out about Alzheimer’s and arm our local communities with the tools and knowledge to help blunt the impact of this terrible disease through awareness and early action.

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